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The Philosophy

This philosophy was created when i was comparing objects with processes.
Everything is a object but anything can be a processes. What is the difference and what is the similarity.
At one moment it stuck me. Resolving a Philosophy that contains everything.

The above image is something that “In your point of view” doing noting. Some tree you’re passing by when driving a car. I coffee cup you don’t use.

The next image is something that “In your point of view” needs action. It comes on your road and you need to do something with it. Doing you’re daily work. Making dinner for your loved one or help your kids with homework.
These are linear processes and they most of the time have a (expected) end result. (Job done, dinner, homework done)

The last image is an object that has a behavior to move from the bottom back to the top to it self. This Object wants to stay the same (but then better) over and over again. Love for example. You love you’re loved one. and you do lots of things. (like making dinner, help with home work, earn money) for that loved one.

If you look to you’re (free) life you should do all “actions in the 2nd image” for loved objects in the last image. Being free is important because the image will be different when forced. By hate, oppression, depths.
Every human being has the rights to love his own live and loves other objects. As long there actions don’t harm, block, prevent other once actions to love something else.
And if you zoom out. Almost any object is withing the actions of some rotating loved object. So we need to lookout for each others objects and actions. But for this understanding is necessary. If someone sees an object it should be recognizable why that object is loved.

let love rule.