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The Plan

The plan is to create decentralized community software for groups. Not only a group on the internet like a gaming clan. But real groups in real live. Like a football club. The software should provide all IT stuff the group needs. Like the expected online stuff chat, forum, blog, group management. But also the financial stuff like contribution. And managing all football time schedule stuff. training, games.

We as end user of the world are loosing control. We need to get it back. By staring from scratch. Ignoring existing politics by making a direct link from users to users. We need to organize in groups that do stuff we love and make those groups known to the world. To educate and inspire others.
There is no free software for groups to really grow. If this software exists groups online can grow and this software can grow with it. Making more and more different kind of groups possible. from small businesses to cooperation. and not stopping if the software can manage a whole country.
Replacing everything with opensource software until noting is left.