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Strike the root of our problems by hacking stuff together.

people are in groups.

The people on the world are using the internet to connect to each other. But as time passes by the way we connect is not improving. Currently social media is trying to keep you scrolling the timeline and does not care what you are watching as long you watch adds. It is a good way to get a respond to a question. But hard to search back into history of some person that made a interesting post. Many people form groups on for example Facebook but groups are limited.

Groups should be the thing that should be dominant on the internet. Not just some random group you join because of some google search. But groups you join because you have a common goal. Real groups like a neighborhood, sports club, collection of home owners or an online gaming clan. Those groups should have a array of communication methods for internal and external communication.

The goal of YetAnOtherProjectToSaveTheWorld is to create opensource software for groups. If real professional software for social groups would be written you 1st end up with authentication and identification this is normally dealt with with LDAP. But LDAP does not have any social aspect and is not very private, so a good setup will be a very big project.

The grand plan

So instead of crying I start hacking. (hacking aka creative programming) I created some PHP code to bind WordPress and Discord together. This provides a website a forum and chat. All using the same discord OATH login. Next is to connect some project management software but i dont know which to pick yet. Next is to find groups who would like to use this method. I’m thinking of a online clan that already uses discord. And/or a neighborhood watch. In my country they use/used whatsapp for that. Discord is better. And with my method joining can made secure for locals only.

if this community is growing the plan is simple. Improve the software (and write that other software from scratch) that it can support more diffrent groups. Use the software to unite us. Like create a honest political party the members can verify there spokesmen.

Help needed.

Curretly this project is still a solo run. I have friends that helped me test things out. But the cut pasting of code is my own. Im looking for:

  • Php programmer. (I need at least some review before i can publish the source code)
  • Python programmer (ditto for the discord bots)
  • Discord guru.
  • WordPress enthusiast.
  • Anyone who is willing to learn
  • Anyone who wants to help.

knockout entry.

if you dont want to join but enter like a boss. You can make nice code the project needs and amaze us with your work. Currently im looking for a SIP interface to a discord voice channel. I think having a phone number would be nice.

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